Auto-No Fault

MCMC’s Auto-No Fault programs facilitates the aggressive management of accident related medical expenses and related third party exposure.  From photocopying of medical records, to locating a unique specialist in a remote part of the country, we offer our clients a full range of services.

We understand the needs of the Auto-No Fault market and pride ourselves in the following:

  • Turnaround Time – delivering reports in a timely manner expedites critical decision making.
  • Testimony – negotiating fees and scheduling appearances with expert witnesses saves time and money on litigated files.
  • Technology – our online platform enables service requests, report delivery, and other electronic correspondence via a secure web interface.
  • Quality Assurance – ensuring all medical issues requested are addressed by the provider and substantiated by objective medical findings.
  • Customer Service – proactive communication regarding case status empowers claims adjuster to make knowledgeable decisions.
  • Provider Network – diversity of objective health professionals with specific expertise in the governing jurisdiction, medical specialty, and insurance coverage.
  • Account Management – onsite customer service available to update clients, address inquiries and duplicate files.

MCMC Services – in Auto-No Fault:

  • Medical Bill Review
  • Integrated Services
  • Independent Peer Review
  • Independent Medical Examination
  • Investigative Services