MCAS has a new name!  FAST360.  We decided on a name that would be more memorable and better describe our capabilities - because we are fast and we do have the full 360 degrees of ancillary services. We pride ourselves on our efficiency and effectiveness while offering a full suite of services.  There will be no change to the personnel who currently provide our superior products and services. Other than a new name, our customers will continue to receive the excellent service to which they are accustomed.FAST360 arranges ancillary health care products and services for minor injuries or for the most critical claimants in an efficient cost effective manner through a national network of more than 12,000 providers. We provide high quality, seamless service delivery, anywhere, anytime.

Detailed quality initiatives ensure logistical management of products and services in a timely manner through proven providers that have met strict credentialing and quality guidelines. FAST360 provides quality outcomes because only highly trained Customer Care Technicians that maintain industry certifications in their respective departments arrange and manage each ancillary service referral.

MCMC’s ancillary health care services network compliments the wide range of other managed care services MCMC already offers. In addition, clients can now make one call to schedule multiple services which will increase efficiencies by decreasing administrative burdens. This service addition falls in line with one of MCMC’s core objectives for all our programs which is to provide the highest level of care while decreasing cost as appropriate.

FAST360’s ancillary health care products and services include:

  • DME
  • Home Health
  • Transportation
  • Translation
  • Home / Vehicle Modification
  • Catastrophic Claims Management

Claims professionals can call FAST360 for all DME needs such as tens units, cold therapy units, oxygen, and hospital beds as well as an unlimited range of medical supplies. Additionally FAST360 offers home health services including home nursing, home infusion, physical therapy, occupational therapy and medical care companions. Additional products and services include a robust transportation program that offers professional taxi service, private sedans, wheelchair accessible vans, basic life support ambulances and critical care ambulances. Through this program FAST360 also offers air flight and hotel accommodations. FAST360 also offers Translation by certified interpreters for more than 125 languages. FAST360 can provide vehicle and home modifications to meet all claimants requirements through highly skilled staff and high quality equipment. FAST360 also manages the most critical claimants through catastrophic cost management which ensures that the most critical claimants receive the highest level of care through a cost effective approach both now and as clients develop future care plans for those claimants.

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