Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

Expedient accurate claims administration is critical in today’s medical and legal environment.  MCMC has developed an IME program that facilitates the aggressive management of medical expenses and related third party exposure.

MCMC provides IMEs in various markets:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Auto-No Fault
  • Other markets including Disability

A successful IME program must have a comprehensive network, superior customer service, and a proven quality assurance process.  MCMC understands the important role an IME plays in the management of a claim.  A quality IME can provide answers to questions about the cause of an injury, nature of the medical condition, medical relatedness, treatment alternatives, or the disability duration of a claim.

IME Network

MCMC’s IME program consists of a national network of providers covering all specialties that perform exam and review throughout all 50 states.


Customer Service

MCMC offers exceptional customer service through both a dedicated account executive team and technology driven solutions ensuring ease of use for claims adjusters.  We believe cost efficiency begins with open communication between clients and our dedicated account executive team.   Our team is composed of former claims professionals, nurses, and representatives with 10 plus years experience in managed care. Our online processing system, Zebra, allows clients to view case status in real time, upload medical documents, and view letters.  Additionally, Zebra reduces turnaround time by alerting clients when MCMC has completed an IME report.  This interactive process and our ongoing flexibility ensure that MCMC offers the best IME program and results.

IME Quality Assurance Process

The MCMC IME Quality Assurance division ensures that our long standing providers are timely, consistent, accurate, and exceed performance standards. Quality control starts with consistent pre-exam communication with the provider and continues until MCMC receives a precise and comprehensive medical report. MCMC reports are noticeably different and our report credibility is upheld because the reports are coming directly from the initial source, the individual Medical Specialist.

MCMC has developed a Quality Assurance Process to manage the critical milestones within the IME process. The process includes compliance with state specific regulations, routine communication with the provider and client, turnaround time metrics, and policies that govern completeness of medical reports. 

Additional functions within this process include:

  • Detailed review of the requested service.
  • Preparation of the medical file and corresponding documentation.
  • Telephonic pre-exam communication with the IME provider which improves overall
  • quality of incoming reports.
  • Proofreading of medical reports to ensure that the client’s issue was addressed.

IME services available includes: