Case Management – Telephonic & Field

MCMC Case Management Services are founded on the principle of proactive intervention and communication. Getting involved in a case as early as possible after an injury allows our Case Managers to establish and build a trusting relationship with your claimant, treating physician’s office staff, supervisor, and claims adjuster.  Early intervention case management reduces overall claim costs.  Our Case Managers take the time to get to know the unique aspects of your organization, claims administration, and more.MCMC Case Managers have extensive experience in state regulations and jurisdictional requirements.  Our Case Manager’s expertise combined with our commitment to customize a program that exceeds each client’s goals provides exceptional savings while meeting each claimants medical needs.

Case Management helps:

  • Seek and implement prompt return to work and wellness strategies.
  • Assure appropriate medical care is received.
  • Keep communication with claimants open and constructive.
  • Identify and arrange alternative treatment settings and arrange for care.
  • Build strong relationships between our providers, clients and claimants.
  • Identify risk prevention opportunities.
  • Control the cost of claims paid.

MCMC Case Managers:

  • Review medical records and documentation.
  • Collaborate with physicians to coordinate care.
  • Facilitate communication with all involved parties.
  • Assist in the field with return to work efforts.
  • Consider pre-existing conditions.
  • Evaluate medical necessity.
  • Provide recommendations for Independent Peer Review and IMEs.
  • Provide specialized medical expertise.
  • Create or review existing Life Care Plans.
  • Explain medical tests, medications, and terminology.
  • Attend physician appointments.