PPO Fusion is a proprietary system that automates the use of multiple PPO Networks to optimize provider penetration and savings while reducing medical bill review processing times for a specific client demographic.


  • Access to over 100 networks – Relationships with National, Regional, Local and Specialty (Radiology, Physical Therapy, DME and other Ancillary) networks
  • Flexibility – Networks can be set up by client and by state based upon your utilization
  • Continuous Analysis – Review of results and adjustments made monthly and quarterly
  • Ease of Set Up – One standard EDI bridge to handle all bills, electronically; no manual intervention
  • TAT – “Decreased Turn Around Time” - Even with access to over 100 networks, we can return most bills in 48-72 hour
  • Increased Penetration – On average we have increased penetration with our clients from 10%-40+% on their existing configurations
  • Increased Savings – Better penetration and more networks will increase overall savings
  • Growth – Every month, new networks are added to PPO Fusion

Zebra PPO Fusion Technology:  MCMC’s technology integrates claims and managed care initiatives into a seamless, transparent environment. Our Internet-based claims management application, Zebra, provides critical information in a virtual environment, making claim decisions black and white.