MCMC’s technology, like mcmc.connection®, integrates claims and managed care initiatives into a seamless, transparent environment.Mcmc.connection® is our secure, HIPAA-compliant web portal that allows clients to create and submit medical reviews and to retrieve completed reports via the Internet. This industry leading technology saves time, decreases input errors and expedites the referral process.

Effortless Accessibility - Unique user name and passwords are just two short mouse clicks away.

Accelerated Referral Process - Custom client referral processes auto populate fields and drop-down menus to expedite referral completion. Each referral is referenced against a client’s preferences, ensuring that data entered is correct each and every time.

Electronic Medical Documentation Submission - Using MCMC’s secure document upload process ensures clients can submit all pertinent medical records efficiently and securely and can append reviews in progress if needed.

Email Notifications - Clients receive email notification when a referral is submitted and when MCMC completes a case report.

Electronic Case Reporting - Completed case reports are available through a hyperlink in the email notification and are also available as PDF files.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities - Standard client reports allow tracking of case referral volumes, response times, review outcomes, reviewer specialties and over 40 other fields of data.

Dedicated Technical Assistance - Questions are answered by dedicated personnel on a toll-free line.