MCMC Services, LLC is a Certified IDR Entity!

The “No Surprises Act” creates new protections against out-of-network balance billing and establishes a new process, called the independent dispute resolution process, which providers, emergency facilities, and health plans can use to resolve payment disputes for certain out-of-network charges.

The Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Labor, and the Department of Treasury have certified MCMC Services, LLC to serve as an independent dispute resolution entity in the federal independent dispute resolution process between providers, facilities, or providers of air ambulance services and group health plans, health insurance issuers, and Federal Employees Health Benefits program carriers.

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Notice of Offer Form- Air Ambulance Services

Notice of Offer Form- Non-Air Ambulance Single

Notice of Offer Form- Non-Air Ambulance Batched

Notice of Offer Form- Non-Air Ambulance Bundled

Federal Independent Dispute Resolution (IDR) inquires please email:
For IDR payment/refund questions, please email: