Since MCMC is a national managed care company and has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of resources available to our client community.  In this section we have a number of items which might be of benefit. Please see the links to the right where you can access a number of managed care resources.

We will continue to add more resources to this section in the near future.  

Note: MCMC will only collect the information necessary to render the case review determination.  MCMC will accept information provided by clients, patients/patient representatives and patient providers as they wish to support their position for the case review.

For information regarding MCMC’s policy on disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI), please email: Quality&

MCMC does not develop criteria for its reviews.  For internal reviews MCMC may utilize the criteria supplied by our client.  For external reviews MCMC may consider submitted clinical criteria if provided by the Insurer.

Patients and practitioners may obtain copies (free of charge) of documents including criteria and medical evidence used to support a decision or review. For information regarding the materials utilized by MCMC in its review please email: Quality&